Who we are and how we started...

LeVoile was founded in 2012 on a particularly hot summer day. Hijabs were sweaty, pins were a hassle, and this part of our blissful worship became a challenge. There were only two options: accept and deal with the heat or find a way to improve the current hijab. Rema Abedkader, founder and CEO, opted for the latter and went on a mission to make the most comfortable hijab possible. After a month of making them for herself, she realized that other Muslim women were looking for a better way to be modest as well. So she went on to build a lifestyle brand that caters to busy on-the-go women of all shapes and sizes, providing high quality modest styles you can live in, thereby allowing the customer to feel more comfortable empowered and confident. At Levoile, we believe when a woman is confident, she is unstoppable!

Our Philosophy...

We know Hijab means different things to everyone, but at LeVoile, we believe brands should have a meaning and purpose. That's why on every hijab there is a 24:31 stamp as a reminder of why we wear it to begin with. These numbers represent the verses of the Quran that speak about modesty and hijab. LeVoile, means Veil in French, and is pronounced LIVE-WALL.

The LeVoile customer is an unpretentious, yet creative woman, who wants to look her best without having to try too hard; she follows her own heart and doesn't mind standing out in a crowd. She has a unique sense of style, and although fashion is important to her, she's too busy making the world a better place to be dictated by the latest trends. To her, LeVoile reflects what being a Muslim woman today is all about: strong, empowered, educated, and confident.




Rema Abedkader is a single mom to one amazing human being, she has her bachelors in Sociology/Nonprofit management She has a knack for being creative and solving everyday problems, she believes in ethical manufacturing practices and making the world a better place.